Colin's Back!

Plans have changed a little for the summer of 2018. Rico Tice has been booked to speak on three nights, July 10-12 but we are now expecting these meetings to be in different parts of the area, rather than in one central venue There will be a launch at Warwick Hall, Burford on Wednesday October 4th, and there will be training events, and times for prayer organised over the following weeks. Our aim is to reach as many people for Christ in the North Cotswolds as possible.

And we are delighted to announce that the Australian children's evangelist, Colin Buchanan, is back on April 25th for a concert at St David's in Moreton at 5 pm.

Recent events in the Partnership include a talk by
Glynn Harrison on "A Better Story - God, Sex and Human Flourishing" in early spring, and the second Men's Convention at Warwick Hall, Burford, with Vaughan Roberts speaking powerfully on "The Battle for the Mind".

The North Cotswold Gospel Partnership consists of a group of evangelical churches in the North Cotswolds aiming to work together for mutual encouragement in the work of the gospel. We meet together to pray about three times a year, we run training events, and we seek to further the evangelisation of this part of the country by running the occasional mission and mission activities.