Our last major mission took place in 2014 when a group of something over 20 churches set aside the week between Passion Sunday and Palm Sunday as the focal point for our mission. This was part of the nationwide Passion For Life mission.

We had a great group of speakers including
Rico Tice, who led a mission back in 2004 - mm04 - Professor John Lennox from the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics, Dr Sharon Dirckx, Henry Olonga, Jonathan Fletcher and a team of students from from Wycliffe Hall, who stayed in the area for the week. The team was led by the Wycliffe tutor, James Robson

Before the week itself Colin Buchanan, the Australian children’s entertainer, joined us on March 31st for his first concert at St. David’s, and there was a great holiday club during the week itself - see picture below.